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I Need – Maverick Sabre

So I just discovered this awesome artiste called Maverick Sabre and this amazing song. His voice is surprisingly reminiscent of old reggae style and has an almost Bob Marley feel to it yes is still jazzy and soulful, almost like a Jason Mraz. The song says a lot to me as I reflect on where I am now and how I feel about my life’s current state.

Just thought I’d share. Hope you find it as beautiful as I did. Check out the Cinema section to see other multimedia I like :D.


Sweet sweet Caribbean culture or Lewdocracy?

Recently I’ve found myself in a number of discussions on the sexual nature of Caribbean culture; especially since the epic visit of Vybz Kartel to deliver a ‘lecture’ at the University of the West Indies (related post to come soon).

Now, I’ve been getting a lot of views from persons who refer to today’s popular Caribbean music and entertainment as slackness as ‘wutlissness’. Persons claim that artistes, such as Vybz Kartel in Dancehall and a few of the Soca artistes, have been using their artistic licence to promote a certain ideology among their audience where explicit sexual behaviour is accepted  and supported. I’ve dubbed this as “Lewdocracy”. Proponents of this view also like to argue that this ‘slackness’ is responsible for the deplorable behaviour of our younger generations.

Of course, this has caused a great deal of tension between both factions in society. I happen to believe that there have been a few lines crossed regarding the sexual nature of Caribbean music, especially in Dancehall and that some of the artistes do seem to overdo it a little bit. However, I maintain that the Caribbean has always enjoyed a sexually suggestive entertainment and recreational culture and this is nothing we should be ashamed of. I think we should embrace it within reason, of course. I definitely disagree with the view that the artistes are to blame for the sexual and violent behaviour of the youth. I agree that their support of such music is a channel for this behaviour but I think that we’re looking in the wrong direction for the answer. Censor and eliminate all the violent and sexual music you want. Hell, make only Gospel music legal to play on the radio! But if parents continue to ignore their duty to provide strong moral guidance for their children, all those efforts will be in vain.

Kartel can sing whatever he wants…nothing trumps a strong and effective parent.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a nice video for provocation… A celebration of the vibrant sexy nature of Caribbean culture..or a display of Lewdocracy?



Feel free to say whatever’s on your mind. I sure do!



The Danger of a Single truth by Chimamanda Adichie

One of the most inspirational talks I’ve seen. Author, Chimamanda Adichie uses her life experiences to talk about the dangers of what she calls a ‘single story’; the use of stereotypes to judge people. Watch and enjoy.

Feel free to share your views.


A fine blend of art and business.

So I’ve been doing this Advertising and Copyrighting course and more than ever, I find that I am seeing ads (radio, TV, newspaper, billboards etc) with a very critical eye. Guess that means the course is effective!

Anyway, I found these two ads for Bigga, distributed by Wisynco and I just find they make such a unique and effective use of one of my favourite art forms, Jamaican dub poetry.

They really manage to stir up the emotions and connections that cause people to want to go pick up a product.

I’m sold! How bout you?

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Lord, Save us from your Followers – Full Documentary

So I promised to follow up the trailer of this Documentary with the full version. This is a very unique perspective of Christianity by a Christian into its effect on the world.

I found it incredibly enlightening. It reinforced a lot of my rationale for not being Christian, yet it still allowed me to sympathize with the Christian faith. Yes, Sympathize. Most people assume that because I’m agnostic I have a disgust for Christians. Not true (Though I do find most of them quite pathetic). I Fully understand, respect and appreciate the tenets of the Christian faith. I just feel most of the Christians are, in their behaviour and treatment of others, the very opposite of what their faith preaches.

Nonetheless… Have a look at the documentary below and let me know what you think.

So that was it. Thanks for watching. Share your thoughts and see what others have to say.

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“Lewd!”- A ‘penetrating’ look at the Jamaican Dancehall Culture

“Lewd!” is a short film is by a friend and great Jamaican producer and director, Wayne Benjamin and offers a rare inside perspective on the motivation behind the current Dancehall Culture in Jamaica.

It’s very easy to come to negative judgements about the sexual climate in Jamaican Dancehall after seeing the scantily clad women gyrating and grinding, exposing their privates to the video cameras and the men in their animalistic lustful endorsement of this behaviour.

However, I have always been a strong advocate of open-mindedness and considerations of multiple perspectives and this film lends a seldom offered ear to the rationale of the persons involved in this practice.

Give a look and share your thoughts.

NOTE: The following clip contains highly graphic and sexually explicit content and is not recommended for viewing by persons below the age of 18.

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Click here to see more of Wayne Benjamin’s work!

God, Save Us From Your Followers, a new documentary in search of truth

So I found this documentary called “God, Save Us From Your Followers”, which is an open minded look at the perception of Christianity in America and the reasons for the seemingly eternal conflict generated by a group supposedly devoted to peace and love.

Have a look at the trailer and tell me what you think. I may be posting the full version soon!

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