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Social Media 4 PR

I was going through my archives and found this presentation I made to the Board of Directors of a Marketing/Advertising/PR company in 2010. It’s about the use of Social Media in the Strategic Communication industry.

Take a look!


Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to let me know what you think and make any suggestions you feel might be helpful!

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Video CV… this is where media is taking us. Simply Genius.

I recently came across a most spectacular phenomenon. Now, we’ve all made wild projections for the most outrageous practices we expect as we develop as Generation M. However, to actually see it in practice is always amazing. This PR practitioner, Graeme Anthony has actually turned his Curriculum Vitae into a video presentation.

Now, before you dismiss it as outrageous professional heresy, give it a look and try and wrap your mind around the possibility of the traditional things we’re used to being on pen and paper, actually being taken over by digital applications.

Now, that you’ve watched it, what are your thoughts?

Consider this: In a class once, a young lady stood to make a verbal presentation and used her blackberry for her notes. Using this device, she was able to move her hands more freely than with a bunch of papers, did not have to set up any bulky PowerPoint equipment and was able to keep us focused on her, without the distraction of some other obvious means of notation.

The teacher was adamant that this practice was not to be repeated. Bravely I asked why not and was quickly scolded and told this behavior was not professional.

Now, though I understand this is a far jump from the traditionally accepted paper and PowerPoint  my question remains….WHY NOT???

Your thoughts…..

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Twitter Movie Trailer

It’s the twitter movie trailer!!!!!!! #thatisall

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What ROI means to Social Media Professionals

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As more and more large and small businesses are realizing their need to hop the Social Media Bandwagon, one wonders why so many of them are yet to get their feet wet. From working with a couple of marketing agencies and interacting with their clients, there seems to be one common factor that has many execs cowering under their desks when a Social media proposal rears it’s head: How much are we gunna be spending and where’s the ROI?

I’ll first respond to this with an interesting quote I found by Andres McAfee of Harvard Business School.

There is not enough ROI for figuring out ROI. It is an intellectually bankrupt exercise.

Now, I understand that this may seem harsh and most execs will now be asking “If not ROI, what should we be concerned with?” Well, the answer lies in your perception of social media and it’s purpose in business. Its primary purpose is not to squeeze pockets but to build and maintain a relationship of trust and loyalty between a company and its followers. These followers don’t need to be big investors or even customers! But once you can extend that platform for persons to ask questions, share and receive information, learn about and get closer to your company, the return will be loyal followers who believe in your promotions and have a genuine interest and appreciation for the business.

Below are a few related articles on ROI that I’ve found quite on point:


Surf the Web or surf Facebook? Top 15 Reasons Why You’re Surfing Facebook! | Social Media Today

Surf the Web or surf Facebook? Top 15 Reasons Why You’€™re Surfing Facebook! | Social Media Today.

September 6, 2010 by Pam Moore

surf the web or facebook

As I was writing a blog post the other day without thinking I included the words “surfing Facebook”.

Who “woulda thunk” five years ago I would visit Facebook more than the web?  And what is the web anyway? Is the web a website? Nope! Is the web Google?  Nope! Is the web Facebook? Nope! The web is all of the above.  It is the melding of everything we do online.  From widgets, tweets, blogs to music and Facebook.

Why is Facebook  consuming people’s time?

I do the same thing everyone else does on Facebook.  I connect with friends via posts, photos and of  course business content. I interact and engage with friends, family, co-workers, partners, mentors and even customers.

Most importantly, I get new business. Yes, leads!

Many recent new leads have came from Facebook!  Is it because they know my dog, my kids and my hubby? Sure is.

Why do they hug me when we meet face to face for the first time? Why is my time to close the sale window shortening? Because I share who I am and what I am. Either ya’ like me or ya’ don’t!

My thought is yes, I am probably going to tick off some folks who don’t like me. However, the other 95% that decide to stick around will provide me joy and I hopefully will do the same for them!  Social media is bringing to my business the people who want to do business with me. People who have the same values and beliefs as I do. People who value the content I provide.  Wow! What other medium can you connect in such an authentic, deep and meaningful way?

No wonder Facebook is beginning to feel like surfing. We can search for and find whatever we want via a Fanpage, quick search, query of top trends and “likes”.  On one page we can share a photo of our dog and kid, a blog post and invitation to a research conversation on LinkedIn. To me that is power of communication, content and community all in one place.

Yes, we can accomplish some of the same sharing on Google. However, it’s not as intimate.  It’s not as controlled. And most importantly it is not FREE!

On Facebook we let people in to who we are are, what we are and what we do on the weekends. Big difference.

Top 15 Reasons Why we Surf Facebook:

1. Mass Appeal: More than 500 million users on Facebook. Of the 500 million, 50% logon to Facebook any given day. 700 billion minutes per day are spent on Facebook. Over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events, community pages).  More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums) are shared each month.  *source Press statistics

2. Share: We feel power in sharing our day, our ups and downs, family photos, business wins and life! Life is meant to be shared.  Facebook gives us a way to deepen our connections and engage in our community in a very personal way. The art is learning the balance in sharing enough to engage but not overwhelm. The objective is to leverage sharing for both personal and business satisfaction and success.

3. Simplicity in Sharing & Consuming: Facebook makes it easy to share and consume different types of content such as photos, business content, videos etc.

4. Privacy: We control who sees what (to some degree). We can share a little or a lot. Although Facebook has issues in this space there is still the ability for members to control content sharing more so than Twitter and other platforms.

5. Consume and Filter Content: It’s easy to consume content. Simply open up your Facebook home page or news stream and you have a stream of mostly useless content you can surf all day long! It’s there for the taking and your choice how much you want to consume, at what intervals, what time and in what format.

6. Authenticity: Of course there are people who are experts at living double or triple lifestyles.  However, Facebook makes it a little big more difficult to accomplish the triple lifestyle without triple the work. It’s why they only allow one profile. You are who you are. It’s hard to be someone different at work, church, neighborhood groups and Twitter when they all come together on Facebook.

7. Mobile: Mobility via iPhone, Blackberry and Android keeps us from being bored while waiting at Dr. offices, long lines or on the elliptical for 50 minutes.

8. Supports Narcissist Behavior: Fan pages, like boxes, and comments fuel the narcissist soul. Others have fun watching the narcissist type feed their inner narcissist selves. The rest of us try to keep our narcissist ways under control as we try to keep colleagues, clients and grandma Jenkins happy (partly joking).

9.  Brings out the CIA in all of us:  You can spy on past colleagues, girlfriends, boyfriends, roommates and the list goes on.

10. More than 140 Characters: Simply put life can not be fully shared in 140 characters. I am one who has developed some ever lasting and real relationships via Twitter. However, those relationships have also grown deeper and stronger on Facebook.

11. Community: It supports community like no other.  From help finding a dog to finding the perfect doctor, pizza place, car battery or meetup group, you’re sure to find a host of solutions with the entry of one simple question as your Facebook status!

12. Engagement: It’s easy to engage. You can comment, one click like a post, add a tag, and the list goes on. You can write a note, import your blog, import your videos.

13. Immediate Feedback: What a great way to see what your friends, partners or customers think of an idea? What do they think of your latest tagline? You can get opinions in less than seconds from your closest friends or Facebook fans. I maximize this benefit on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

14. Historical Snapshot: For many active and engaged Facebook users it offers a summary of their life. It’s becoming the default online photo album without most users ever making such decision.  My kids advise me if a photo I take of them with my iPhone is authorized for Facebook or not. Proof that even children are realizing the audience and the power behind even one Facebook photo upload. I have returned several times to Facebook for an event, a quote I made or something that happened two years ago that now has even more meaning today.  This is by far my favorite part of Facebook.

15. It Makes Ya’ Feel Good: Simply put connecting to your friends, colleagues, family, partners and customers on a daily basis is good for the soul. Facebook makes it easy.

The brands that learn to listen, engage and inspire in social media will be the ones to succeed.  Engage folks as people are surfing your content even if you didn’t create it!

Your Turn:

Do you also find yourself surfing Facebook? Where do you spend most of your time online? Why do you spend time on your favorite social platform? What do you like best or least about Facebook?

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