Video CV… this is where media is taking us. Simply Genius.

I recently came across a most spectacular phenomenon. Now, we’ve all made wild projections for the most outrageous practices we expect as we develop as Generation M. However, to actually see it in practice is always amazing. This PR practitioner, Graeme Anthony has actually turned his Curriculum Vitae into a video presentation.

Now, before you dismiss it as outrageous professional heresy, give it a look and try and wrap your mind around the possibility of the traditional things we’re used to being on pen and paper, actually being taken over by digital applications.

Now, that you’ve watched it, what are your thoughts?

Consider this: In a class once, a young lady stood to make a verbal presentation and used her blackberry for her notes. Using this device, she was able to move her hands more freely than with a bunch of papers, did not have to set up any bulky PowerPoint equipment and was able to keep us focused on her, without the distraction of some other obvious means of notation.

The teacher was adamant that this practice was not to be repeated. Bravely I asked why not and was quickly scolded and told this behavior was not professional.

Now, though I understand this is a far jump from the traditionally accepted paper and PowerPoint  my question remains….WHY NOT???

Your thoughts…..

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  1. I liked his video. I’m not brave enough to do one but this is unique and I’m sure opportunities may come from it.

    Anything that is new will always come with resistance you just have to own it.

    Its on the internet – who knows it may go viral.

    • I agree… resistance is a must… I think it’s worth the fight though. I think I have some crazy ambitions for Generation M! lol

  2. I’m glad you like it Rush and share my sentiments! I do agree that it’s a large pill to swallow, which is why I did not make a big deal in class. I do feel as though it’s necessary for us to embrace the technologies out there (within reason) and allow the innovation to take us to new heights. And as a media institution I feel we should be the pioneers in this movement.

  3. This is so absolutely brilliant. More people should do this–so fresh and innovative! An employer would be mad to say this didn’t impress/ entice them.

    Awesome idea.

    And Re the Black Berry thing, I guess because of how “traditional” minded we are, it would be hard for most to come to a point of acceptance for seeing someone stand in front of them and read a presentation from their black berry.

    If Obama went up in front of Thousands and did that, or if the used their phones instead of papers on Prime Time News…it would take a bit of getting used to.

    Why? wish I could pinpoint it!

    Good post though!

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