Sadly, this is what passes for entertainment in Jamaica today.

Well this is just…unfortunate.

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  1. lol…well I do find him a an entertaining little novelty but on the inside i can’t help feeling like I shouldn’t be laughing at him cuz he’s “special”… did you see his interview on Smile Jamaica? I’ll post it shortly and you can see why I think sumn is wrong with him.

    • Rosa
    • September 23rd, 2010

    Shut up man, I love Tanto. TWIDDEEEEEER lol he’s an entertainer. Like a clown or jester 😛

  2. I saw this video, based on what I expected from him, he did impress with the video but it is still lacking.

    • Well, I hold the opinion that he is mentally challenged. And I’m actually not being coy or funny here…I genuinely think he is… after observing his mannerisms on Smile Jamaica one morning I honestly feel he has some mental issue that we’re all blissfully unaware of.

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