So my blog is called “Head Space” and I figure it’s meant to me a mental open house, so to speak. So far, I’ve gotten pretty positive responses from readers who’ve been moved by one post or another. I’m really appreciative of ALL the feedback I get and it really means a lot to me to know I’ve added at least a little bit of inspiration to one person’s life so thank you all!

As I reflected on the feedback I’ve been getting, I realized that a lot of what people appreciate most is that I’m willing to share some of the deepest truths about myself and open up to the them, allowing them to see that someone else has had similar issues or has a similar thought process. Somehow, this always helps humans to deal with things. So I’m starting a new section where I share the things (images, songs, videos, text) that inspire me, speak to aspects of my inner most thoughts and give sort of an open book view of what goes on in my mind. I’ll try and do this everyday.

I hope you enjoy this section and feel free to share with your friends and post things that inspire you as well! I’d love to see inside your mind too! 😉

Feel free to

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