Tanto Blacks on Smile Jamaica

So I’ve been making a claim lately that this new Jamaican Dancehall artiste, Tanto Blacks is mentally challenged in some way and a few persons have disagreed.

He’s known for being very goofy and silly and persons subscribe to his antics seemingly just for the fun of it. Though I appreciate that,  I’m really not trying to be mean or have a laugh but I genuinely think he may have a slight mental disorder. Observing his mannerisms on stage and other places I can’t help but see a similarity with persons with down syndrome or autism. And I’ve been around persons like that all my life (family and friends) so perhaps I’m overly sensitive.

Anyways….watch and tell me what you think.

Did you notice the robotic emptiness on his face? How about his inability to process logical thought and the obvious blindness to direct insults?

Maybe he was on drugs like Simon suggested. But I see this in his general demeanor. IDK.

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