“Lewd!”- A ‘penetrating’ look at the Jamaican Dancehall Culture

“Lewd!” is a short film is by a friend and great Jamaican producer and director, Wayne Benjamin and offers a rare inside perspective on the motivation behind the current Dancehall Culture in Jamaica.

It’s very easy to come to negative judgements about the sexual climate in Jamaican Dancehall after seeing the scantily clad women gyrating and grinding, exposing their privates to the video cameras and the men in their animalistic lustful endorsement of this behaviour.

However, I have always been a strong advocate of open-mindedness and considerations of multiple perspectives and this film lends a seldom offered ear to the rationale of the persons involved in this practice.

Give a look and share your thoughts.

NOTE: The following clip contains highly graphic and sexually explicit content and is not recommended for viewing by persons below the age of 18.

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Click here to see more of Wayne Benjamin’s work!

  1. Yea. Mi luv da interview because the world need fi get a full on what dancehall realy stands for.

    • Thnx for the comment Real Ting. I agree with you. But let me play Devil’s Advocate. Do you think that perhaps it gets taken a bit too far sometimes? And how do you feel about the view that it is demeaning to women?

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