Teen ends up in Paris after drunken night out in Manchester

So a new standard has been set for laissez le bon temps roulette. Apparently you can’t call it a proper night out if you haven’t woken up in another country.


Normally when you get a cab home after a night out, your priority is stumbling through the front door without waking anyone up, and collapsing into bed.

But after clubbing in Manchester, Luke Harding had different ideas – and decided to book a last-minute flight to Paris alone.

Once he dropped off his friend, the teenager told a taxi driver to take him to the airport.

Later, as his friends were nursing hangovers at home, the 19-year-old was asleep in a toilet at Charles de Gaulle airport. Bless.

When the teenager began posting pictures from the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, he became a Twitter sensation.

Mr Harding, from Oldham, said: ‘It all started off going for a pint after work with one of my mates. Then one thing led to another and we decided to go to a nightclub.

‘We started to get a bit bored and wanted…

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