13-year-old Little Black Bitch – The Racial Abuse Continues

Centuries after people of African descent ceased to be legally traded as slaves, decades after blacks in the Western Hemisphere obtained crucial rights such as suffrage and education and just a few years after a black man was voted into the highest seat of political power in the United States, the subjugation of black people to racial slurs and open hatred still permeates societies around the world…even in what should be a black dominated Jamaica.

To jump right into it…

While visiting the Sovereign Super Center yesterday evening, I happened upon a scene in front of the supermarket. A woman was cursing (Like I’ve never seen before) at this white couple, while a small crowd watched on. Not wanting to get into the mix up I went about my business (Jamaicans are always cursing about something!..lol JOKE!..but it’s kinda true still! lol).  Anyway, when I returned a half hour later, there was an even bigger crowd and the woman was still cursing. Now wanting to get into the mix up,  I assumed the natural sus-mongering stance that all Caribbean people are born with and shamelessly listened in. When I learnt of the nature of the fracas, I found myself wishing to all of heaven that this had occurred downtown because I know the PROPER justice would have certainly been done!

This British white Lady  is walking with her lover (who is way too young and handsome  – no homo – for her) when a thirteen-year-old girl (whom we’ll call “Lolita”), through circumstances unclear, got in her way or pissed her off.  Now, we all know that every Saturday afternoon Sovereign Mall is transformed into a free nursery where all manner of shrublings are allowed to run amock unsupervised. And many a time I have felt a tempting quiver in my shoes to bend one or two of them like Beckham (***AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!***). However, despite the universal annoyance caused by these little padawans, I am confident that nobody I know would be able to justify what comes next…

As I’m sure you might have gleaned from my intentionally shocking title (I quite like it 😛 ), the phrase “little black bitch” was used towards our dear little Lolita, after which Limey issued some sort of “threat”. I wasn’t able to ascertain what this threat might have been. In any case, the girl, sobbing uncontrollably nearby, was obviously very upset by this and her mother, who happened to arrive to pick her up very soon after was informed of this by her friends. The rest is history.

A rendering of the "Little Black Bitch" in question

Now I’ve related the story as best as I was able to glean from the onlookers and the discourse between Lolita’s mom, the white lady and the security guards.

Jack Mandora, me nuh chose none. 

I’d like to point a few things out:

1. The white lady’s attitude during the whole thing was still rather defensive and brazen, given her crimes.

2. Lolita’s mom, though clearly very upset, maintained quite a bit of her composure and even accepted the lady’s apology, which is a hell of a lot more logical than say, my mother (whose left arm is really a cleverly disguised cutlass) would have been in that situation.

3. The crowd, though obviously indignant, remained pretty calm, which I can only suspect was due to the surroundings, security presence and the proximity to the Matilda’s Corner Police Station.

I felt I needed to blog this because this situation (which I honestly never expected to still be seeing in a black-run region) has raised a few questions in my mind:

1. What would have made this lady feel like it would be OK to come to a black country and insult our people so brazenly?

2. What has proliferated this white mentality that blacks are still their inferiors, even after so many centuries?

3. Are these really the people that we keep bleaching our skin, changing our accents, dressing like clowns, eating nasty food and damaging our hair to emulate????

 4. Why, oh why, good Lord, did this white lady not say this on Orange Street, where she would have been pounded, packaged and peddled as baby powder?
















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    • Dominique
    • January 2nd, 2012

    Did the mother trace her properly? I would like to assume that foreign dollars and the ‘civility’ that comes about in such a place makes some of us not want to stand up and slap the melanin-less skin off some of those horrid people.

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