Cosmic signals: There’s more to peripheral vision than you think!

The universe has such an interesting way of pointing things out to us. The tragedy is that we are often too preoccupied with immaterial things to take notice of them.

Case in point: For much of last week, I found myself harbouring many negative thoughts about myself. In addition to being haunted by my recurring feelings of inadequacy (school, work, relationships, social life) I was mentally under the weather about my financial situation. With school about to end and no clear gainful employment in sight, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about my ability to remain living on my own in Jamaica. And the prospect of returning to my home country, St. Kitts, began to take more solid form. Suffice it to say, this is not on my wish list for the next 5 years.

The point of this story is to set some context for a visit of a friend of mine on Thursday evening. We hadn’t spoken in a while and he offered to drive me home when we ran into each other on campus. While offering him a refreshment I said, with my fridge open, “Sorry but I’m not home much these days so I don’t really know what’s here”; to which he replied “I’m surprised to see your fridge so full though.”


I’m surprised to see your fridge so full.” Such profundity in a simple, innocent observation. It was like running into a brick wall. I was so concerned with what was not going right in my life that I forgot to take notice of the things that were good. And while this, of course goes way beyond a stacked refrigerator, I couldn’t help feeling so appreciative of that unexpected visit that caused me to pause and admit to myself that I still have much to be thankful for, no matter how simple. Good friends, caring family, health, food (I’ve been putting on weight) and every other thing that made life as I know it possible suddenly became far more interesting than all my perceived misfortunes.

As if to say, “DUH!” the universe and its precise maneuvering sent me to a dance concert the very next day, where a song from Nas and Junior Gong’s album Distant Relatives was featured. I liked it so I went home and found the album. One of the songs, was so obviously meant to conclude my latest lesson that I could do nothing more than smile in awesome recognition of the universe’s most marvelous talent…timing.

This little experience, though unremarkable from a story telling stand point was enough to show me how easily I can slide into negativity and self-pity; two things I’ve sworn to avoid this year. And the simple nudge of a friend’s casual observation was the universe’s peripheral signal telling me to count my blessings and focus on the positive things in my life which will bring more positivity. I only wonder how often we allow ourselves to miss these hints and signs because we are too taken with depressive and negative thoughts.

    • S. Maloney
    • March 28th, 2011

    Interesting piece. I hope more people read it because as simple as it is it brings out some great points about what we do miss in everyday life. Keep up the good writing!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hope you subscribed because there’s a whole new series planned that will be launched hopefully next week… so keep an eye out!

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