GeeJam Experience: SMNs for Interactive Marketing.

So, day one begins of official training with the GeeJam Group. So far it seems like a lot of fun.

A group of young people, including myself have been made into a something called an “online street team”. You know those guys who go around with the paintbrush and bucket of glue pasting posters on walls and promoting parties and other events? Well, it’s pretty much like that but online.

We’d be using the various social media networks to promote the different clients GeeJam has which include artistes and various organizations.

GeeJam Media has partnered with a marketing agency called Connectimass to give us a totally integrated experience in the area of online marketing.

What’s most interesting so far is the idea of ‘interactive marketing‘ coined by the lady training us aka  “DiBossLady“.  Basically, she manages the social media presence of her clients, responding to questions, correcting negative perceptions and promoting the positives. Now, to traditionalists, this may seem like an excuse for child’s play. I mean, who gets paid to idle on Twitter and Facebook all day long? Well, take a look at this woman’s desktop and you’ll have a new appreciation for social media!

For her, social media networks are not just about idling and chatting…they are tools by which she evaluates and manipulates the social perception of her clientèle. She uses various applications, programs and software to manage her work load. Some of these allow her to monitor mentions of any search term that appears in any social media network. Others allow one to load and manage every SMN on one page. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. There is so much more to capitalize on that it’s a bit overwhelming if you don’t take it all in stride.

So far I’ve really found a new appreciation for SMNs and their potential and I really look forward to learning a lot more in this field especially from where I sit as a Public Relations student who’s looking to jump into the field really soon. This really is the new frontier of marketing and public relations!

Lookout for daily updates!

A me dat.

    • ilove JA
    • June 8th, 2010

    Wow, I had no idea ppl made such a serious biz about social media! Really like this post. GUnna check it out agen man!

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