BPs slippery cover-up…a PR mistake

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BP buys Google, Yahoo search words:Is it to keep people from real news on Gulf oil spill disaster?.

Ok, so I don’t get why BP is NOW buying up any oil spill related searches on Google and Yahoo. Do they really think this could in any way help their image at this stage?

Now, I always have to see things first from a PR perspective as a media student and I have to say this boggles me. One of the most critical things in a PR crisis is timing. It is generally accepted that the first hour is the most crucial. Once you let that hour pass without some definitive and beneficial action being done then  – as we say in the Caribbean – “you salt” (bad lucky) and an action that might have helped you during that hour could severely damage your reputation later.

BPs oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ exploded on April 10th, 2010.It is now June 8th. Within the last two months we’ve seen definitive displays of greed and dishonesty from BP and now they’ve proceeded to further cover up their dastardly deeds by owning the search terms for their disaster. Why now?

Do they think it will cause people to forget? Do they think Anderson Cooper will cut them some slack now? Do they not expect the media to pry even more vigorously into their operations to uncover the truth which they are now so obviously clamoring to cover up?

Just one of BPs victims

Not only is it an unprecedented show of cowardice but it is a slap in the face to persons who genuinely care about the situation, about the huge population of sea life that have been and will be affected by the spill, the tremendous damage it will cause to the ecosystem, the millions lost in fisheries and so on and so forth. This is not to mention the egregious affront to  media personnel and the ideals we fight for daily in our work.

BP will only worsen their image by removing the public’s access to information. I hope they suffer major sanctions at the end of all this and at the very least, our big money industries learn that they have a responsibility to the environment in which they operate and not just to their own pockets.

    • Kevin
    • June 8th, 2010

    This is truly and unprecedented low for any company, for such an international disaster! I agree with you though, while i dont support their actions in the least, if their effort was to control the information going out there.(i hear give them the benefit to say that they wanted only correct information to be circulated). What they should have done was to provide the public with information rather the the smoke and mirrors that has lead to this issue

    • Indeed. The truth is that no company or organization wants to go blabbing too much info when there’s a crisis. You get into major Trouble tht way. Mannat n Phelps made tht error when they sed they had ‘ceased all dealings with JA”, which alerted us to the situation, then Bruce made the mistake when he said what he said in parliament, then Vaz did the same when he challenged ppl to provide evidence… so you wanna be careful in what you let off… but when you’re gunna do something as bold and invasive as to buy the search terms so tht you control the info people can access it’s just disgusting. They shouldn’t be doing that at this stage in the game! Now is time for action, results, reconciliation, and recovery.

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