Operation Green thumb: Planting life.

Day 1

Well, it’s day 1 of operation Green Thumb. I’ve decided to launch a little personal project. I’ve gotten some seedlings and planted them in an empty egg tray. With any luck they’ll start to sprout in a couple weeks and they’ll be ready for transplanting into pots.

But this isn’t just about me planting some seeds in an egg tray. It’s sort of like me planting some seeds in my own life. You see, this project has come at a time in my life where more and more I’m realizing that there’s very little substance in my life; or for metaphoric purposes, there’s no fruit.

I really have very little going on that’s of any real value to myself or anyone. Sure, I’m trying to get a degree but in all honesty, I have no solid image of what I want to do with my life. Aside from school there’s nothing that I’m apart of that adds significant meaning or character to my life.

Even my friends don’t offer much these days. Every day I realize that the people around me are pretty superficial, immature and add nothing to my personal development. Very few people actually inspire me to learn and grow.

So I’ve been devising a plan. If you’re having similar issues perhaps you can follow along and even add a few things I may have missed out but these are just a few ‘seeds’ I plan to sew in my life and hopefully they sprout into something fruitful.

Seed 1: Spend less time idling around with idle people who add nothing to your life. There’s a place and time for such things but it’s not every place and not all the time. This will also affect excess Facebook and MSN usage.

Seed 2: Read more. Newspapers, Books, Blogs, Journals, text books will all help to expand your knowledge base, inspire productive and creative thought and perhaps help you to focus more on things that will push you along in life.

Seed 3: Surround yourself with more positive people. Actively remember that everyone has their place and season in your life. Whether they are just there for occasional comic relief, to annoy you every now and then, to correct your spelling errors or just to have a chat with on the way to class, each person is to be appreciated but let go when that time arrives. No hard feelings needed. Just as they may come and go, you’re doing the same for many other people. But the ones who are meant to stay; hold on to them. Let them know you appreciate them. Can’t waste good friends these days.

Step 4: Appreciate yourself. You will always be your harshest critic but you must also be your biggest fan. There’s  no need to be vain or egotistical. Just know that you have many things of value about you and things that need improving. Harping on any of them wont help you move on in life.

Step 5: Get up earlier! Yes, stop going to bed at 3:00am and wake up at 6 each morning. I know, coming from me it’s like seeing pigs fly. Nobody enjoys sleep more than I do. But I’ve realized in the past few weeks as I’ve tried to force myself to bed by midnight, I’m up earlier and I feel more rested, energized and even my memory is improving. I have more get-up-and-go in me and I’m actually completing tasks more than usual. I even feel physically stronger and healthier. For the first time ever my to-do list is actually getting done! Well, there’s still room for improvement but I can tell it’s working.

So That’s pretty much it for my starter plan. I’ll add more as I go along and see fit. Another thing I’m going to do is find some radical things to do with my spare time. I’ve always found that when your life is getting too stagnant, doing something totally out-there helps a ton.

So, I’m gunna get me a cat! Yep! A CAT! I love cats and there’s an animal shelter down the road. I’m gunna head down there and see if I can adopt a kitten. It might just be the thing I need. If it doesn’t work out I can always kill it.

…HA! Just kidding! lol… I’ll give it back! lol!

So wish me luck and if anyone reads this and finds it even in the least bit useful then I wish you all the luck in the world as well.

Peace n Love!


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